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The recruiting process is broken as demonstrated by college athlete transfer rates exceeding 50%.

Athletes and their parents, coaches and schools are challenged to keep up with an ever changing landscape and the relevant information required to find an ideal college recruiting outcome.

We've built a team of college coaching experts and the highest level tools to inform and empower you to make the best decisions at every stage of your recruiting journey.

The athletes with whom we support consistently achieve recruiting success and realize a great college experience.

“Our mission is to prepare our students to live a great life and RecruitU allows our athletes to pursue their dreams after high school at the right place.”

Tom Kardish, President of Villa Joseph Marie HS

"RecruitU gives parents, coaches and students peace of mind in the recruiting process."

Jim Stewart, Athletic Director of Holy Ghost Prep

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“It’s hard for athletes and probably even harder for parents to honestly assess their child, but having an ally like RecruitU that you can trust is invaluable. “

Tom Kardish, President of Villa Joseph Marie

RecruitU provides visionary resources, technology and planning tools to identify matching target schools and a roadmap for athletes and parents to follow and ensure success.”

Alex Harris, Co-Founder of Evolution Training
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