The recruiting process is broken as reflected in alarmingly high college athlete transfer and sport dropout rates. Utilizing the expertise and guidance of college level coaches, RecruitU ensures that your child will not only get recruited, but will get recruited by their best matching schools, resulting in a great college experience on all key levels.

How We Ensure A Great College Experience:

  • You get the expertise of our college level coaches for assessment and guidance
  • Identify and connect your child with colleges that best fit their skills and interests
  • Facilitate better opportunities for scholarships and financial aid
  • Provide you a recruiting gameplan and ongoing support
  • Valuable, honest direction to eliminate confusion and help your child achieve their potential
  • Help you avoid the disruption associated with transferring schools
  • Our team and resources save you time, money and stress

Athletes who we assist end up in the right place and we'd appreciate the opportunity to support your child to achieve a similar great outcome.

Stay ahead of the game and give your child the tools they deserve.

“RecruitU’s insights were invaluable. We didn’t even know where to start, but with them, we were able to get the insights to the coaching staff and level of schools we needed.“

Ted Kawoczka, Parent

“It’s hard for athletes and probably even harder for parents to honestly assess their child, but having an ally like RecruitU that you can trust is invaluable. “

Tom Kardish, President of Villa Joseph Marie HS

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